Privateers of ERQ-NUO

Station Sigma

As their ship undergoes upgrades, Alvor Bolis, Hep Raraza, and Kaleb Hannser wait three days in the wild Station Sigma that orbits Yanzasi Major, the primary planet in the Yanzasi system. They go to the local casinos and bars, visiting the art dealers and other merchants throughout the station. As they investigate the many centers of trade located, they encounter an arms merchant who offers to sell them a surplus of military weapons that the local forces did not offer to buy. The crew decides to purchase his stock.

On their way out, they are confronted by shady human male who calls them into a dark alley. Against better intuition, Alvor follows him into it. The man offers them a deal: aid him in stealing the arms merchants inventory, and they can take half of what they steal. The crew does not go along with this man’s plan, and the man becomes angry. At this point, Kaleb stuns the man with one shot his blaster. They drag the individual back to the arms merchant, who identifies him as one of his lift operators. After breaking into the man’s datapad and finding evidence of his guilt, the arms merchant shoots the man in the back room.

Back on the ship, the crew spends their time awaiting the upgrades to their ship’s installation. Just as it is delivered to them, the hangar is shut down by the port authority for an inspection. For the duration of the inspection, Alvor, Hep and Kaleb exit their ship and wait in the lobby just outside the hanger. Alvor grows bored and heads to a local cantina while his friends play cards with the guards.

On his way out, Alvor is approached by a thug and his minions. Using veiled threats and the power of his silver tongue, he talks them down and convinces them they are outmatched and better served hitting the bar themselves. However, when he finds himself surrounded not an hour later while drinking at the cantina, he decides to call for help.

On the other side of the district on the station, Hep and Kaleb witness an explosion in the hangar that destroys a number of ships. However, theirs is spared the destruction and they make their way to Alvor’s aid, where they find over a dozen thugs. Kaleb and Hep’s automatic weapons quickly level the playing field and devastate the thugs. With most of the thugs unconscious or dead, Alvor locates the leader and uses his light foil to sever his arm, leaving a note to remind the thug of his failure.

With the excitement behind them, they spend most of the rest of their time in their ship, once it is cleared of suspicion, but the hanger is still closed pending the investigation into the explosion. It is then that Alvor is arrested by the port authority and brought before the local warlord’s deputy. After all of their questioning, he is released, even though it turns out that the man who was maimed was in fact the warlord’s nephew. However, due to the lack of evidence that any wrong doing occurred, Alvor is released.

Although they are tired of Station Sigma, Alvor, Hep and Kaleb locate an interesting festival in the 3rd District of the station, well away from the warlord of the 1st district’s goons. Promising to have deals of the century on ship parts, they head their in anticipation of further upgrading their ship. However, when they arrive, they only find a group of bounty hunters with Alvor’s capture on their mind.

Alvor uses the Force to defend himself, smashing apart the displays with his telekinetic power, and then manages to survive until Kaleb and Hep once again come to his rescue. Luckily for them, the bounty hunters used stunning weapons, as they barely survived the encounter.

With any further exploration behind them, they head back to their ship, hoping for a much quieter last few days before they can hyperspace out of the system.



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