Located in the Spinward Sector in the Unknown Regions, the dwarf planet ERQ-NUO appears to be a desolate rock from outer space, but anyone landing on the planet would find a drastically different tale. The mountains are actually carved facilities, adorned with statues and symbols of memorial, historical and religious significance. Each mountain is a facility of some kind, each run by the planet wide AI system known as ERQ-NUO. In addition to controlling the droid defense force, it has controls on a much wider scale.

Current Possible Restoration Quests: Planetary Cannon, Droid Defense Force, System Defense Force, Sector Defense Force, Mining Facility

Generated Stats

System Type: Single star system
Number of Planets in system: 12 Planets in the system
Planet Type: Dwarf Planet
Number of Moons: No Moons
Atmosphere: Breathable Air (to humans)
Hours Per Day: Nine to Twelve hour days
Local days per year: 351 to 400 Local days per year
Climate – Climate: Superheated
Dominant Environment: Urban Environment
Gravity: Standard gravity
Sentient Population: No Sentient Population
Technological Development: Technologically Advanced
Dominant Government: Dominant Government: Anarchy/None
Economic Basis: No Economic Basis/ Abandoned
Significant Feature: Significant Feature – Artificially Carved and Sculpted Mountain Range
Cultural Quirk: Offworld visitors are “reincarnated” members (of the race no longer in existence on the planet)
Family Custom: Only unmarried people are allowed to carry weapons in public
Cities and Architecture: Every building features a representation of a historical figure, such as a bust, statue, or a painting


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