House Rules

Sliding: Players can sacrifice a Move Action to slide 1 square and not provoke an attack of opportunity so long as the slide does not cause them to leave the threat range of a foe. Players who slide out of range of one foe, but not out of another’s, will only provoke an attack of opportunity from the foe whose threat they escaped, not the foe whose threat they remain in.

Under Nonstandard Modifications (page 39, Starships of the Galaxy), you’ll find this little catch-all rule: “The GM is the final arbiter of what systems are sufficiently dissimilar to qualify as nonstandard, and particularly unusual combinations may be forbidden altogether.”

You can use the following guidelines to help you adjudicate these sorts of unusual cases, but keep in mind that guidelines are just that: guidelines. They aren’t hard-and-fast limits, and they aren’t substitutes for good GM judgment and common sense. Very generally speaking, if any of the following are true, the modification is probably nonstandard. If two or more are true, the modification is probably not possible at all (unless there are counterexamples that show otherwise, of course).

  • The starship does not have any similar system in its stock version, or if the system is specifically described as nonstandard for that type of starship (such as a hyperdrive on a starfighter).
  • The modification would increase the starship’s speed, hit points, or shield rating by more than 50% or the number of weapons, passengers, or carried vehicles (measured in hangar space) by more than 100% compared to the starship’s stock version.
  • If the starship has gained emplacement points equal to or greater than its cost modifier by converting cargo space, all further modifications are nonstandard except for volume-heavy modifications such as cryogenic chambers, escape pods, extended range, hangar bays, medical suites, passenger conversion, and smuggler’s compartments.

House Rules

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